2020 Volleyball Registration is Open

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The 2020 season begins soon

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League Information:

  1. Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday Leagues
    • Dates: April 26-October 4th, April–Oct (Full Season)
    • Entry fee is $225
  2. Monday League
    • Dates: TBD, April–Aug (Shortened Season)
    • Entry fee is $130
  3. Teams can have up to 12 players.
  4. Teams play on the same night each week*.
  5. Up to 10 teams per night/league Monday–Thursday, 12 teams on Sundays.
  6. If nights do not fill, there may be scheduled double-headers.
  7. Sunday games start at 4:00pm, Monday – Thursday start at 6:00pm.
  8. Games are no more than one hour long.
  9. Winning teams get 2 FREE PITCHERS OF BEER — Report your victories to the bartender.
  10. All water bottles brought in must be filled on-site, all outside beverages are not allowed.
  11. Teams will be signed up on a first come, first-served basis. All signups and payments are now online, processed securely through PayPal.
  12. We will NOT “call” games off unless the restaurant is closed. Contact your opposing team to reschedule if you are unable or choose not to play for any reason.
  13. Each team will provide a scorekeeper for playoffs and tournament finals.
  14. You are not allowed to touch ANY part of the net. We do not have refs to determine what part of the net was touched. This rule is meant to prevent arguments from occurring.

*There are two weeks of play-offs AFTER regular league play.  Top two teams from each day will play in an all-league tourney on Sunday, October 4th

Cuzzys Brick House volleyball Rules:

  1. No “Girl Rule”. A girl does NOT have to touch the ball.
  2. “Rally” scoring up to 25.
  3. Three hits only per side.
  4. Must have equal or more girls than boys.
  5. Only players on roster play in the tournament. List your backups.
  6. No roster changes after week 4.
  7. “Let Serves” are good.
  8. Minimum of 5 players during tournaments.
  9. Up to 12 players on roster. No registering new players past week 4.
  10. Players call their own faults. If there is a disagreement, re-do the serve.
  11. Report all victories to the bartender.
  12. Follow AVP rules for all other situations.